The Cigar Experience
Nicaragua Cigar Factory Tours

If You Like Cigars, You Will Love This Trip. We invite you on the trip of a lifetime, where 17 of the top 25 Cigars in the world this year are produced, a place of colonial beauty, and old world living where time slows down.
The Cigar Experience

All Inclusive

ALL INCLUSIVE-Hotel, meals , beverages, cigar tour fees, transportation, guides, everything is included in the package.
The Cigar Experience

Experienced Guides

Our guides are experienced in every aspect from the Tobacco fields ,fermentation, processing to the rolling of Cigars.
The Cigar Experience

Beautiful Resort

You will stay in a Beautiful Resort Hotel with two pools, an amazing restaurant, and a bar that is Cigar friendly.
Cigar Experience

Cigar Factories

We look forward to serving you on this eye opening experience Into some of the Greatest Cigar Factories in the world.

The Cigar Experience: Who We Are

Come with us to Estelí Nicaragua, with our guides you will experience an ALL-INCLUSIVE TRIP to see many of the Worlds Finest Cigar Factories.

In Estelí you will be planted feet first into “The Most Renowned” Tobacco fields rich with black Volcanic soil and learn the intricate details that go into blending a world class cigar.

You and a group of your friends will enjoy a beautiful resort hotel with 2 pools a restaurant and bar. Everything is included in the package all transportation to and from the airport and everywhere in between, guides and translators, all Cigar factory tour cost, all meals and beverages (alcohol included) everything is covered in the package.

Kick back and Live at a slower pace with this incredible journey into the Cigar world, You will be with good friends at a Fantastic place enjoying something you’re passionate about, CIGARS!!

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The Cigar Experience: Why We Are Different


Blend Your Own Cigars

A third generation cigar blender will work with the group to design a Maduro , a Habano ,and a Connecticut cigar, it’s a hands on experience, and you will be able to purchase them!!


Enduring Friendships

The Cigar to us is all about friendships ,nothing like a fine cigar with good friends, it is our desire to serve you on this grand adventure, to help increase your knowledge of the Cigar process, to see a different and amazing culture and a beautiful country, but most of all to gain your friendship.



There are Factories that will invite you to tour their facilities , but you will only see their facilities while being within miles of other great factories, With us , We have established friendships with Factories all over Esteli Nicaragua you will be visiting and seeing all the brands you know and love while staying in the best Hotel on an all-inclusive trip.


Incredibly Safe Trip

We have traveled to Nicaragua for years and never experienced any problems, honestly the people are very laid back and appreciative that you are there spending tourist dollars.

We have had the privilege over the years to make a very special friendship with a third generation cigar blender , who will work with the group to design a Maduro , a Habano ,and a Connecticut cigar, it’s a hands on experience, and you will be able to purchase as many or as few as you like at a very reasonable price , Great sticks that you have a hand in choosing the flavors.

Please check our Calendar for availability, you will travel on Monday, then spend 3 full days visiting many different cigar factories with time in between to enjoy the pool and the bar with great food and cigars !!! and travel home on Friday.

The Cigar Experience: Information

When you book a trip with us, we will include you in a private Facebook group, so that we can assist you in planning your flights and answer any questions you may have.

Our trips are designed for groups of 8-16 people, if you as an individual or only 2 or 3 persons with you would like to go, we can work you in with a group.

The Cigar experience complete package is $1495 per person, Buy your trip now as limited spaces are available.

In the event of a late cancellation there would not be a complete refund.

Fill out the form below and Don or Cameron will contact you with more information about our cigar tours.

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The Cigar Experience: Highly Qualified Team

Don Nance Cigar Experience

Don Nance

Co-Founder, CEO

Don is an avid cigar smoker of seven years and has spent years living in Latin America speaking fluent Spanish. He has also fostered several relationships in Esteli Nicaragua. His passion is guiding others whom have the same desire of cigars as he does. He is excited to show all that Nicaragua has to offer in the cigar world.
Cameron Myers Cigar Experience

Cameron Myers

Co-Founder, Creative Director

Cameron “Hoss” Myers has been in the cigar community for six years, starting out as a cigar reviewer on YouTube. While reviewing cigars he has made several connections in the cigar world and his passion is all about helping to share his knowledge on cigars, bourbon and rum.

Book your Cigar Experience Tour now as availability is limited.

After several years of visiting Esteli, Nicaragua, I have been blessed to make many friendships at many of the major cigar factories who have welcomed our Tourism efforts with open arms to come and see this amazing process to create those wonderful Cigars you know and Love.


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